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    Take control on the course with thoughtfully developed plastics for any situation.


    The plastic is important because of what it provides for the disc properties. Choosing the right plastic comes down to a number of variables, such as preference, temperature and situational requirement. Different variable combinations can therefore require completely different plastic properties on the same mold.

    Lets break down some of the properties a high quality plastic should contain:

    • Elasticity: A plastic that exhibits high elasticity, allowing it to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed.
    • Abrasion Resistance: A plastic with high abrasion resistance, making it durable and long-lasting even in demanding environments.
    • Weather Resistance: A plastic that is resistant to degradation from exposure to UV radiation, ozone, and weathering, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
    • Chemical Resistance: A plastic that is resistant to chemicals, oils, and solvents.
      Recyclable: A plastic that can be melted and reused in other products or industries (not only for discs).


    A soft plastic can be both premium or standard plastic. Given it’s quality, a soft plastic can either have more or less grip and abrasion resistance. Soft plastics are less resistant to high spin and speed due to their natural lower strength to withstand forces without bending. Some soft plastics can have high utility depending on purpose, for example, a super soft disc thrown high will have a higher probability to land on the spot instead of bouncing away from the impact location. In the end, players favor specific plastics for different reasons, mainly play style and preference which can be hard to apply to everyone. Best way to understand your own preference is to try out several different types of soft plastics and build your own understanding of what you need in order to feel comfortable with your throw.


    Intermediate plastics typically combines the good properties from soft and hard plastic granules. Most premium blends seek to have a perfect combination between grip and strength, providing a broad utility range on the same disc. An intermediate high quality plastic should feel great to hold and give a comfortable support when gripping firm but having the strength to be thrown with force. Where that sweet spot lies is highly individual.


    As opposed to a soft plastic, hard plastics are spin and speed resistant and will resist forces applied before leaving the hand during a throw and also during the flight. Hard plastics tends to have less grip because of the natural harder surface reducing the grippy feel. However some higher quality grade plastics can provide a grippier feel than others. A skilled player with a lot of force to their throw would normally be more prone to chose a harder plastic due to their ability to withstand external forces. Hard plastics can be handy to have available in high temperature conditions since a higher temperatures will cause the plastic to become less stiff and add grip.

    Our hardest plastic, Apex-100 (zero) is a super hard premium plastic with a very specific utility. This plastic is perfect for very warm weather conditions. The Apex-100 will also serve good to a player that likes very hard plastics and yet seek that premium grip and feel.