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    Another Key Retailer For The Evolvent Family


    MAY 23, 2024

    A Name Well Known

    Kymen Modig has become a name familiar with the Kastaplast brand just like Nike and Michael Jordan, and the Kymen logo shines on the resemblence. Kymen has a long history of playing disc golf at high level and knows the game in and out. Since 2022, Kymen has been running his own webshop and pop-up stores in Sweden. It’s a moment of pride for us having Kymen acknowledge our stable midrange Readiness (6, 6, -1, 1) through seeking an opportunity to become a retailer of it. We hope that this can be the start of a long term relationship between the two parties and we are more than welcoming such a strong name in the disc golf community.

    Check Out


    “The first time I tried disc golf was in 2000 and I was hooked right from the first throw. Before starting in 2022, I worked at one of the industry’s largest online stores for seven years. With my own webshop, I can give my customers the best shopping experience, not least when the Kymen Pop-Up Store visits a disc golf course near you.”


    – About Kymen.